Question: Can I Go To Patient First Without Insurance?

Can patient first be a primary care physician?

Patient First as Primary Care Physician (PCP) Patient First provides a full range of preventive, primary, and urgent care services.

When specialty care is required, we refer patients to outside physicians in the appropriate specialty.

We do not serve as a primary care physician for patients under the age of seven..

How much does a visit to patient first cost?

A) Office Visit ChargesRoutine Visit$119Visit for DOT Physical (price includes urinalysis)$105Visit for 10 Panel Drug Screen (with collection)$110Visit for Drug Screen – collection only*$41Visit for Flu Shot$356 more rows

Does patient first have a copay?

Patient First Payment Policy We believe that the physician-patient relationship is strengthened when there is a clear understanding between both parties as to their rights and obligations. Copayments are required at registration. Payment for charges from earlier visits not covered by insurance is due at registration.

Can patient first refill prescriptions?

Many prescription drugs, chiefly those prescribed for urgent care conditions, are available at every Patient First. … In addition, our prescriptions are not refillable at the center.

Is patient first the same as urgent care?

Patients First was founded in 1989 to provide urgent care services as a convenient, caring, and affordable alternative to the emergency room and to provide primary care to those that need ongoing care.

When should you go to patient first?

You can visit Patient First anytime between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., 365 days a year, for your women’s health needs. If you’d prefer to be seen by a female physician, you can view our physicians’ schedules online at each center’s location page and request your desired provider upon check-in.