Question: How Do You Ascertain?

What does resort mean?


a place to which people frequently or generally go for relaxation or pleasure, especially one providing rest and recreation facilities for vacationers: a popular winter resort.

use of or appeal to some person or thing for aid, satisfaction, service, etc.; resource: to have resort to force; a court of last resort..

What does assertion mean?

noun. a positive statement or declaration, often without support or reason: a mere assertion; an unwarranted assertion. an act of asserting.

What part of speech is ascertain?

verbAscertain is a verb that means to find out something.

What does asitane mean?

Asitane is of Persian and Ottoman Turkish origin, meaning a gateway or a threshold. In Islamic history, the city of Istanbul was once called Asitane, on account of its being the metropolis center that embodied and presented the spiritual and religious imports of Islam, and therefore it served as a gateway to Heaven.

How do you use ascertain?

Ascertain sentence examplesHe could not ascertain the truth. … You need to ascertain which is suitable for your safe dining. … Please ascertain who has responsibility for this footpath. … I immediately instituted an inquiry to ascertain the facts in the case.More items…

Is Assertation a word?

Assertation definitions An assertion, statement of opinion.

What are the types of resort?

Resorts, Different Resorts, Types of ResortsRESORTS – © Elite Cruises. … TYPES.All-Inclusive Resorts. … Beach Resorts. … Golf Resorts. … Island Resorts. … Lake Resorts. … Luxury Resorts.More items…•

What makes a resort unique?

Resorts face unique challenges. They are usually more expensive, geographically harder to reach and incur longer stays than standard full-service hotels. Many are built in “clusters” in a destination, too, which can make it tough to differentiate one’s product from the resort next door.

What is another word for ascertain?

Some common synonyms of ascertain are determine, discover, learn, and unearth.

What does ascertain mean in law?

To fix ; to render certain or definite; to estimate and determine; to clear of doubt or obscurity. Brown v.

What does deduce mean?

to derive as a conclusion from something known or assumed; infer: From the evidence the detective deduced that the gardener had done it. to trace the derivation of; trace the course of: to deduce one’s lineage.

What is an antonym for ascertain?

disregard, misunderstand, confuse, forget, miss, veil, mislay, blot out, destroy, enshroud, neglect, disprove, curtain, cloak, misplace, look away, blanket, hide, occult, lose, aid, shroud, screen, mask, help, pass over, unsettle, ignore, Misset, invalidate, conceal, assist, overlook, unlearn, cover.

How do I spell ascertain?

verb (used with object) to find out definitely; learn with certainty or assurance; determine: to ascertain the facts. Archaic. to make certain, clear, or definitely known.

What does ascertain mean?

verb (used with object) to find out definitely; learn with certainty or assurance; determine: to ascertain the facts. Archaic. to make certain, clear, or definitely known.

What does accusation mean?

An accusation is a claim that someone is guilty of a crime or offense. … The adjective accused means charged with a crime or other offense. Accused is also used as a noun to refer to a person or people who have been charged with a crime, often as the accused.

What makes a resort a resort?

What is a Resort? A resort is a self-contained destination that can provide for all of your travel needs in one location. … Resorts also have great recreational facilities like swimming pools, courts and areas for various sports, and other activities.