Question: What Does Domestic Mean?

Who are domestic customers?

‘domestic customer’ means a customer supplied or requiring to be supplied with gas or.

electricity at domestic premises (but excluding such customer in so.

far as he is supplied or requires to be supplied at premises other than.

domestic premises).

What is a domestic economy?

: the theory and practice of household management.

What are domestic transactions?

Domestic vs international controlled transactions A domestic controlled transaction is a transaction between associated enterprises that are resident in the same tax jurisdiction. … This can be confusing when there are multiple tax jurisdictions within the same country.

What is a synonym for domestic?

dəˈmɛstɪk) Of or involving the home or family. Synonyms. home-loving domesticity housewifely domesticated husbandly home-style.

What is the opposite word of domestic?

What is the opposite of domestic?unfamiliarinfrequentneworiginalreservedstrangeunapproachableundistinguishedunfriendlyunremarkable11 more rows

What is the other name for domestic conflict?

Domestic violenceOther namesDomestic abuse, family violenceA purple ribbon to promote awareness of domestic violence1 more row

What does domestic woman mean?

Domestic is defined as something related to the home or family, something occurring within a country, an animal that has been tamed, or a person who is fond of the tasks of running a home. … A woman who likes to cook and clean and bake is an example of someone who is domestic.

What does domestic mean in law?

Pertaining to the house or home. A person employed by a household to perform various servient duties. Any household servant, such as a maid or butler. Relating to a place of birth, origin, or domicile.

What is the domestic business?

A domestic corporation is a company that conducts its affairs in its home country. A domestic business is often taxed differently than a non-domestic business and may be required to pay duties or fees on the products it imports.

What is a domestic lifestyle?

Work or recreation done with or for one’s family, however defined. Family has been defined differently at different points in history, as have how social relations within families ought to work.

Whats does domestic mean?

adjective. of or relating to the home, the household, household affairs, or the family: domestic pleasures. devoted to home life or household affairs. no longer wild; domesticated; tame: domestic animals. of or relating to one’s own or a particular country as apart from other countries: domestic trade.

What is the meaning of domestic problem?

1 of or involving the home or family. 2 enjoying or accustomed to home or family life. 3 (of an animal) bred or kept by man as a pet or for purposes such as the supply of food. 4 of, produced in, or involving one’s own country or a specific country. domestic and foreign affairs.

What is the other name of domestic animals?

What is another word for domestic animals?livestockcattlecalvesbullocksheiferslonghornstraysbovid mammalsbovine animalsmoo cows12 more rows

What’s the difference between a marriage and a domestic partnership?

A domestic partnership is, essentially, an alternative to marriage for same sex couples. It allows you to define your relationship status. A domestic partnership will entitle you and your partner to many of the same benefits that a married couple enjoys.

What domestic animals mean?

Domestic animals such as dogs, cats, and cattle have been genetically adapted over generations to live alongside humans. 3 Minute Read. By Natasha Daly. PUBLISHED July 4, 2019. Domesticated animals are animals that have been selectively bred and genetically adapted over generations to live alongside humans.

What is non domestic?

This is any property that is not used for living accommodation for example: Shops. Offices. Factories.

What does domestic mean in a relationship?

A domestic partnership is an interpersonal relationship between two individuals who live together and share a common domestic life, but are not married (to each other or to anyone else). People in domestic partnerships receive benefits that guarantee right of survivorship, hospital visitation, and others.

What is the point of a domestic partnership?

Domestic Partners The easiest way to understand domestic partnerships is that they offer non-married couples many of the same legal benefits allowed to married couples. These benefits can include health and life insurance, death benefits, sick and family leave, and state tax treatment.

What does only for domestic use mean?

6. + New List. Domestic use means any use of water for individual personal needs and for household purposes such as drinking, bathing, heating, cooking, noncommercial gardening, and sanitation.

How do you use domestic in a sentence?

Domestic sentence examplesThis is just a domestic disturbance. … So far, wee Maria stood head and shoulders over any other domestic helper Bird Song had employed. … Tell him I locked down all missile strikes on domestic territory. … It was such a domestic scene.More items…

What is domestic happiness?

1 of or involving the home or family. 2 enjoying or accustomed to home or family life. 3 (of an animal) bred or kept by man as a pet or for purposes such as the supply of food. 4 of, produced in, or involving one’s own country or a specific country.