Question: What Is A Prying Tool?

What can be used as a pry tool?

Here are a few tricks we’ve collected from our own experiences and those of our users:Anything plastic for soft prying tools.

Paperclip for a SIM card eject tool.

Nail clippers as wire cutters.

Plier-and-rubber band hemostats.

Melted pen for a one-time-use screwdriver..

How do you open pry plastic?

Simply cut an old credit or membership card in half at about a 45 degree angle (as pictured above) and you have a great way of prying open a device without marring up the plastic. A commenter on Make also suggests using a guitar pick to perform the same task.

What can I use instead of a pry bar?

Claw hammers For nail pulling, a claw hammer is nearly equally as suitable as a pry bar. The key difference is in the pry bar’s ability to be used in conjunction with a hammer, whereas the claw hammer lacks a heel for striking, and can of course only be struck with a hammer if you happen to own two!

What is a Spudger tool used for?

A spudger or spludger is a tool that has a wide flat-head screwdriver-like end that extends as a wedge, used to separate pressure-fit plastic components without causing damage during separation.

What to do when you dont have pliers?

If you need pliers to grip onto something large, you can try a pair of stainless-steel kitchen tongs, although you may struggle with torque. If you think you can manage it with your hands but need a better grip, try using a silicone kitchen mitt or one of those jar-opening pads.

What is a plastic scribe?

Dell’s laptop service manuals often call for the use of a non-marring plastic scribe tool for removing plastics. … Each end of the tool is similar to a flathead screwdriver but it is much narrower making it great for fitting in small spaces.