Question: Who Is Better Octane Or Bangalore?

Who is better octane or revenant?

Octane is good for rushing and getting to places quickly.

Revenant is good for stealth and support.

Who is better?.

Does Bangalore ULT hurt?

Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder Bangalore calls down an artillery strike that drops shells in a long line across the area. Your artillery doesn’t hurt you or your allies so be sure to call out when you use the ability.

How much health does octane lose?

Octane loses 10 HP every single time he uses this ability so you’ll want to be careful when using it because the damage can quickly stack up if you’re not paying attention.

How fast can octane run?

Probably less than 96.7 kph, as Octanes’ legs shredding would decrease his max launch speed.

Who is the fastest Apex legend?

Based on this information, you could argue that Bangalore, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, and Wraith are the quickest characters in Apex Legends. Remember though, each of their base running speed is exactly the same as anyone else.

Does octane reload faster?

While not taking damage, Octane restores health over time. Move 30% faster for 6 seconds.

Does Wraith run faster?

Wraith runs much faster during her Ultimate, letting her catch up to her team when falling behind, or pave the way ahead for them to follow via portals. If you have to run from the zone, it’s worth activating even if you don’t make use of the portals. It’ll charge again quickly, so don’t worry about wasting it.

How good is octane?

Apex Legends’ first new post-launch character is not only very fast, but he’s also incredibly deadly when used in the right hands. Octane is a death-defying adrenaline junkie who places his superior speed above everything else, giving players the tools they need to pull off some seriously stylish kills.

Is Octane a bad legend?

Octane may not be the most popular Apex Legends character, but in the right hands his aggressive and highly mobile skillset allows him to wreak havoc on enemy teams.

Can Bangalore see through smoke?

Bangalore’s smoke can blind most players, but Caustic has a trick to see through it. … Her tactical ability allows her to deploy smoke that creates a shield and reduces the vision of other players. Once the smoke is deployed, opposing players get blinded and Bangalore gets time to regroup, reload, or revive teammates.

Who has smallest hitbox in Apex?

WraithFrom this, we know that Wraith has the smallest hitbox by some margin. At the other end of the scale, Gibraltar is 140% larger than Wraith. One Reddit user even discovered that Wraith is so small, she can hang and peek over walls without exposing much of her body at all.

What is faster bloodhound or octane?

Bloodhound, Mirage and Wraith are closely behind as there ult provides them a 20–30% speed gain, however they are limited by the usage of their ultimate ability which needs to be charged, whereas Octane can give himself a speed boost constantly with his primary.

Will octane get a buff?

Respawn is already planning to ship more changes for speedster Octane in the next Apex Legends update, game designer Daniel Klein has revealed, despite the fact he just got hefty Season 7 healing buffs to “help him win more.” … His healing doubled, up to 1.0 per second.

Should I buy octane or crypto?

Crypto is good as a recon if you’re a team player as his drone can find enemies, mark them, and EMP their shields. … Octane isn’t a team player at all, and his abilities are pretty useless. If you’re a lone wolf, choose him. Caustic is good in close quarters, but most importantly I find his playstyle fun.

Who is faster Bangalore or octane?

Octane Needs a Season 4 Buff!!! Octane is a so so kind of legend where he has not received anything ever since his launch. Though I do somewhat remember that Bangalore pre-season 1 ran 40% faster, but since Octane has been in game Bangalore runs 30% faster.

Is Bangalore a good legend?

If you are a competent player then Bangalore is the best all around legend for you the player, and for your team. … Her passive means you don’t get hit when someone starts shooting at you and you become Octane while you get your bearings.

What is the best Bangalore skin?

Top 10 Best Bangalore Skins in Apex LegendsOverdrive.Officer Williams. … Spacewalker. … Enforcer. … Daemon Hunter. … Hack the System. … Fiber Optics. … Neural Net. Neural Net is one of my favourite skin lines in the entire game, with it being available to all legends. … More items…•