Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Asserted?

What does asserted claim mean?

Asserted Claims means all Claims by Purchaser that Purchaser asserts are payable from the Post-Closing Escrow Account..

What is the synonym of asserted?

Some common synonyms of assert are affirm, avow, declare, and protest.

What is an example of an assertion?

An example of someone making an assertion is a person who stands up boldly in a meeting with a point in opposition to the presenter, despite having valid evidence to support his statement. An example of an assertion was that of ancient scientists that stated the world was flat.

What does asserting yourself mean?

● to state one’s opinions confidently and act in a way that will make people take notice of one.

What does assertion mean in English?

: the act of asserting or something that is asserted: such as. a : insistent and positive affirming, maintaining, or defending (as of a right or attribute) an assertion of ownership/innocence. b : a declaration that something is the case He presented no evidence to support his assertions.

What do u mean by asserted?

to state with assurance, confidence, or force; state strongly or positively; affirm; aver: He asserted his innocence of the crime. to maintain or defend (claims, rights, etc.).