Quick Answer: Who Has The Strongest Bankai?

Why did Ichigo not marry Rukia?

Basically Orihime like Hinata was the only one who loved ichigo the longest, in the whole series only Orihime loved ichigo, Kubo had set the series that way hence she ended up with ichigo and Rukia with renji.

Because Bleach is not a romance manga and because they do not share romantic chemistry on screen..

Did yoruichi die?

So there are chances that kisuke and yoruichi are alive but didn’t show up just like how isshin and ryuken disappeared or they really died . … For all those people who think that grimmjow is dead , he is alive .

Who is the Strongest Shinigami?

Kenpachi ZarakiThe most powerful Shinigami is Kenpachi Zaraki, “Kenpachi” is the title that is only given to the strongest Shinigami, only Unohana and Zaraki are the only two true Kenpachi to officially have the title.

Is there a level higher than Bankai?

Shukai is only reserved for few Shinigami because of its strict requirements. Being the form beyond the Bankai, the first and most noticeable difference between Shukai and Bankai is the power increase. … Keeping true with its name (mastered release), the Shukai is the completed form of both the Shinigami and Zanpakutō.

Did Aizen have Bankai?

his bankai has to be an extension of his shikai, his Shikai ability to hypnotize those that see its release, so the max wank one can give aizen is that his bankai can hypnotize the world around him thus allowing him to control reality, a ability like this is a reason why AIzen could never use it against Gotei 13 since …

Can Ichigo beat Goku?

Would Ichigo defeat Goku? … No he is in the same league as Naruto both of him could give Original SSJ Goku a run for his money. After Namek he is completely outclassed.

Can Ichigo beat Yamamoto?

Ichigo in his final form (and his final getsugatensho form) would destroy Yamamoto in a fight. Yes Yamamoto is strong, no doubt. Insanely strong. … Aizen’s final form alone would defeat Yamamoto (especially since he can regenerate), and not even that was enough to defeat or challenge Ichigo in the slightest.

What is Ichigo’s strongest form?

EOS BankaiIchigo’s strongest form would be EOS Bankai on top of his hollow-merged form.

Why did Aizen stab Momo?

Aizen’s reasoning behind almost killing Momo is since he built her to not be able to live without him, he has done her a favor by killing her. He tried to get other people to kill Momo, but when that failed, he was left with no choice, but to kill her himself.

Can Aizen beat Goku?

Aizen wins. Now in terms of raw force there is no comparison Goku blitzstomps Aizen. And Aizen´s Kyoka Suigetsu will not be able to work on Goku, since Goku does not possess spirit energy.

Who is the weakest captain in bleach?

Tōshirō HitsugayaTōshirō Hitsugaya is the weakest Captain in the Gotei 13th due to his age and immaturity.

Who has the best bankai in bleach?

Bleach: 10 Best Bankai Unleashed In The Thousand Year Blood War, Ranked1 Ichigo Krosaki – (True) Tensa Zangetsu.2 Zaraki Kenpachi – Unnamed. … 3 Kisuke Urahara – Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame. … 4 Rukia Kuchiki – Hakka No Togame. … 5 Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi – Kinshara Butōdan. … 6 Shunsui Kyōraku – Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū … More items…•

Why did Aizen hate the soul king?

He hates it because it’s vegetative and his god complex won’t tolerate such a being above him, he tells Ukitake he does not consider anyone to sit on the throne of Heaven and wants to take it himself. This is a man who gives lectures on godhood and how he’ll make everyone see him as their god to Shinji.

Who has the strongest Zanpakuto?

1 Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto With his Zanpakuto, Ryujin Jakka – the oldest and most powerful fire-type Zanpakuto – Yamamoto can unleash powerful flames capable of reducing his enemies to ash.

Is Ichigo stronger than Naruto?

Ichigo is more or less multi-mountain level, with about mountain range durability and massively hypersonic speed, though Naruto IS a bit faster.So yeah,naruto one shots. … It’s hard to scale Ichigo he’s supposed to be more powerful than ever but he has no real feats.