What Does Swathed Mean?

What does permissiveness mean?


habitually or characteristically accepting or tolerant of something, as social behavior or linguistic usage, that others might disapprove or forbid.

granting or denoting permission: a permissive nod..

What’s another word for good?

What is another word for good?excellentexceptionalnicepleasantpositivesatisfactorysatisfyingsuperbwonderfulacceptable208 more rows

What is another word for swath?

Swath Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for swath?bandbandagebindingribbonstripwrapping

What is medical term swath?

1 : to bind, wrap, or swaddle with or as if with a bandage. 2 : envelop a mountain swathed by clouds.

What’s another word for plethora?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for plethora, like: plenty, excess, overabundance, surplus, many, overflow, superfluity, lack, scarcity, embarrassment and flood.

What is another word for many?

What is another word for many?somecountlessinnumerablenumerousseveralmultiplemyriadconsiderablecopious amounts ofendless61 more rows

Is plethora a negative word?

How about plethora, another word that means a lot? When plethora was introduced to the English language, it meant an overabundance of things. First plethora referred to an overabundance of the humors or of blood, then it signified a dangerous or unwanted excess. Today, plethora is not only used negatively.

What is the plural of swath?

swath. noun. \ ˈswäth \ variants: or swathe \ ˈswät͟h \ plural swaths or swathes.

What does Lenities mean?

the state or quality of being lenient. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers. Word origin. C16: from Latin lēnitās gentleness, from lēnis soft.

What is the meaning of frisky?

very playful: very playful or lively. informal : sexually playful or excited. See the full definition for frisky in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What does the word Cairns mean?

A cairn is a man-made pile (or stack) of stones. The word cairn comes from the Scottish Gaelic: càrn [ˈkʰaːrˠn̪ˠ] (plural càirn [ˈkʰaːrˠɲ]). Cairns have been and are used for a broad variety of purposes, from prehistoric times to the present.

What does mercy mean?

compassionate or kindly forbearance shown toward an offender, an enemy, or other person in one’s power; compassion, pity, or benevolence: Have mercy on the poor sinner.

What is a big word for many?

In this page you can discover 66 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for many, like: numerous, multiplied, divers, diverse, several, manifold, countless, multiplex, multifarious, innumerable and profuse.

What is plethora disease?

1 : a bodily condition characterized by an excess of blood and marked by turgescence and a florid complexion.

What does hauteur mean?

arroganceThe definition of hauteur is arrogance. … Haughtiness or arrogance; loftiness.

What is another word for many times?

What is another word for many times?day after dayrepeatedlyday in day outmany a time and oftofttimesmucha lotroutinelyusuallygenerally197 more rows

How many is a plethora?

Plethora means an abundance or excess of something. If you have 15 different people who want to take you on a date, you have a plethora of romantic possibilities.

What does engaged mean?

adjective. busy or occupied; involved: deeply engaged in conversation. pledged to be married; betrothed: an engaged couple. under engagement; pledged: an engaged contractor.