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Sadaqah Jariyah: Charity In Islam

Islam teaches us that there are numerous ways to give , and to be rewarded. One of them is sadaqah Jariyah , an act of charity that gives back even after the reward has been received. For instance, if we plant seeds for planting trees, once they have grown up enough they will provide shade on hot days or aid in keeping warm during wintertime; this means your good deeds won’t end with a single moment in time but will last forever as their fruit gives out nourishment long past our lifetime.

Jariyah is a term used to describe charity in Arabic. There are numerous types of Jiraiyas that you can choose to support and we’ve selected five examples to show the ways to do it. We hope that these examples will help you spend more money on sadaqah.

The process of sponsoring an orphan or child

A lot of children today are not educated, and many more have not had the required skills for success. It is unfortunate because those children will never understand the value of education. We can help them realize their dreams by providing the best early childhood development programmes which provide the essential foundations for being able to see the world from different perspectives and how they are valued.

It is imperative that we all work together in order to ensure that our children’s generation will have better lives than we do now.

People’s contributions to helping their children’s future are often overlooked, but it could provide a chance at prosperity and success not only for that particular person or family. By sponsoring a child, you can guarantee that they have access to and the skills needed to assist them in the future. Your impact as a sponsor is much greater than those who benefit from the child sponsorship program.

Education, Skills, Education / spreading awareness of Islam

Islam is a religion which rewards knowledge spreaders. As Muslims, we are responsible to each other as Muslims. We need to communicate the correct information regarding Islam with people around the world to enable them to benefit from God’s affection through prayers and other methods. The act of teaching someone to study the Holy Quran brings a reward even after death . Every time your student is able to recite or teach another his or her mantra, then they both gain. Don’t simply die and do nothing but bad acts.

Develop a water source

Imagine living in a place without clean drinking water. It’s not easy to get the most essential of necessities of life, but what if you weren’t able to get it? It would be impossible to go about your day-to-day routine and complete everything important from taking good care of yourself, or work in a field where good hygiene practices are crucial (think healthcare). The situation is made more difficult when you consider the fact that many of the developing nations don’t have the resources to meet their needs by themselves; they rely heavily upon international assistance that usually has no reward other than gratitude.

Participating in the construction of the Mosque, School, or Hospital

A lot of religious people opt giving mosques and schools to reap the rewards. You can also give your time and money towards the creation of an orphanage. This can help those who are in need. This is a great example that shows how giving back can be more rewarding than buying materialistic things along with all those prayers.

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