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Things You Need To Know About Saudi Arabia Visa Types

With all the changes made to visas in recent times, it is difficult for travelers to enter Saudi Arabia. Learn all you need to know about visas and how to apply for them.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visa for Business and Commercial

The commercial/business visa is by far the most frequent and the simplest form of visa to visit Saudi Arabia. This allows an individual, on behalf of their company or organization as long as they have an invitation from someone there already-to conduct business in that country’s markets. You are able to apply online at any time prior to leaving, provided that you meet certain requirements, such as having enough money at a specific bank that allows funds to be provided upon request.

Clients who wish to bring their loved ones with them to an event have to first sign in at the front door. After that, they will have to wait patiently as the office goes about its business. It can take anywhere from one to 3 months. All schedules have been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in the city. Invitations will be sent out without unexpected delays or issues. It’s easy to feel at peace knowing that someone special will be joining you soon.

2. Visit to Work Visit

Take note that you will not be paid directly by Saudi hosts when you apply for the purpose of obtaining a business visa. This is due to the fact that the US employer pays only one part of a business Visa. If this is something that you suspect could be wrong check that their request for a visitor’s work permit has been submitted before coming to the country, but remember that the application is still going through the channels similar to other applications do so expect some changes when dealing with Embassy staff.

3. Visa for Government

The third most popular and most straightforward visa to work with is a government-sponsored program. This type of permit can be granted through a visit to Saudi Arabian government institutions and their personnel at the Embassy for the application process. But, less documentation is required from the applicant when applying for this type. It usually takes 1-2 business days to approve the application. It’s not a cost.

4. Family Visit Visa

It is difficult to get the family visa since it requires documents to prove your relationship with the customer. For grandparents who are visiting You will require birth certificates or marriage licenses. However, it’s much more crucial to establish a bond between you and the customer.

5. Visa for Residence

The residence visa is available to people who are looking to relocate or establish themselves in KSA. This kind of visa is only available from the Ministry of Interior. It’s directly connected to the Iqama Card, therefore you will need an employment-based permit. The invitation furnished by them will be yellow , but make sure to not wait too long before looking at the contents on its surface as there are crucial details regarding applicants that must not be lost.

6. Work Visa

It is difficult to obtain a Saudi Arabia work visa. The most complex visa requires that you be hired by your employer , and you receive benefits. This can only be done when the employer offers direct hiring. Therefore, more often than not you will have to search through numerous recruiting firms prior to being considered for employment at one particular company.

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